Dorothy's ruby slippers at the V&A

Photo from V&A website

If there's one must see exhibition this Autumn/Winter, it's the Hollywood costume exhibit at the V&A from the 20th October.

I am especially excited about seeing the original Dorothy Ruby slippers, that are available to view for a limited time (20st October-18th November only). Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favourite movies, it is one of those seminal films that has never gone out of fashion, it moves with the generations affecting all those that see it. Considering it was made in 1939 and actually wasn't the big box office success we all think it was. The film has stood the test of time remaining popular amongst all sections of society, young and old.

Judy Garland gives a magical performance as Dorothy, innocent, naive yet demonstrating an impressive inner strength. I always feel sad watching her knowing what a struggle her life became after that when her demons consumed her.  Sadly like so many others she turned to drink and drugs which led to her early death at 47 years old. Her troubled beginnings haunted her resulting in a lack of confidence. This was accelerated even more by studio executives constantly moulding her image because she wasn't 'pretty enough'. It was such a waste of a talent, she had the most powerful of voices and was an all round performer excelling in each discipline.

As you can tell I'm a bit of a fan. So yes I'll be getting my ticket and queueing up to see this vital piece of film history, a once in a lifetime chance!

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  1. I travelled to the museum just to see her dress and slippers. I had it booked a month in advance and counted down each day (sad I know). It was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm not ashamed to say I got a bit emotional lol

  2. Not sad at all! I was completely overcome when I went last week!

  3. It was amazing to witness a piece of film history.


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