A child's first cinema experience

So yesterday whilst I went off for the day with my oldest friend Isabel up to Covent Garden, Matilda spent a wonderful day with her Daddy.

As I've been witness to many of her 'firsts' I was happy to relinquish Matilda's first cinema experience to her Father. As a dedicated film buff, this was the perfect task for him. Thankfully, Madagascar 3 has just been released, she is very familiar with the characters having seen both the other films, so it was the ideal choice to introduce her to the magic of cinema.

Despite Matilda loving the TV her attention span is still on the short side, she's not the kind of child you can just plonk in front of the screen and leave for long periods of time. She is active and permanently on the go. So to keep her still and more importantly quiet for an hour and a half was always going to be tricky...

How wrong she proved us, apparently she was entranced by the huge screen. Though she did comment right the way through the film she nevertheless kept still and focused.

She thoroughly enjoyed her cinema experience, adored her bag of popcorn and Alex the Lion cup (thanks merchandising team for making the husband part with a few more pennies!). The sweetest coincidence is that her very first cinema trip was to Putney Odeon just like her Mummy. I was taken to  the same cinema to see Watership Down back in the 1970's. Part of me was a little sad not to have been there but I admit it was a lovely opportunity for her daddy to share a first experience with her. Where did you go see your first film and what was it?