Sunday shoe shopping

This chilly weather has speedily crept up upon us today. Yesterday we were in T shirts and flip flops and today I'm sitting here with frozen fingers. I hadn't quite realised how much the toddler has grown over the Summer so when I tried on her winter shoes last night, her little feet just wouldn't fit in however much I pushed and squeezed.

So we battled against the lashing rain wrapped in our waterproofs and, jumped in the car this morning to Trotters on Northcote Road, Battersea. Easy parking on a Sunday and less crowded than the Kings Road branch, it is my favourite weekend shopping street at the moment.We managed to nab a space right outside the shop thankfully as the rain was truly beating down by this point, with our waterproofs not being too effective against the wind. There were only a couple of people ahead of us, but that didn't worry Matilda as she loves playing in the Trotters train.

The girls are so lovely and helpful here, very patient and clearly know how to handle hyper children like mine. I was slightly nervous going in as I was so desperate for her to have proper little girl's shiny black shoes with a buckle rather than those pre walker monstrosities she's had to have so far. And joy of joys she is now a size 6G so Mummy could buy her dream shoes!! Yippee! And here they are looking rather resplendent. And so Matilda is now on the road to having the same shoe and handbag obsession that her Mother has endured all these years. Hahaha...