Potty training update

After my rants at the start of Matilda's potty training, I am pleased to report that she is now fully trained. I feel safe, once again, to leave the house without fear of her pooing her pants or peeing all over her car seat (despite the sprays, scrubbing, airing for a week in the garden it still smells).

She is even now going in the bathroom, the potties have all retreated to the bathroom. Though one does stay in the car. We still have a way to go to getting her on the big toilet, even with a training seat. She just say's 'it's too big Mummy'. One step at a time, I know. She will get there.

The turning point for her was her Daddy being extremely unhappy (I'm putting it mildly) when she deliberately stood next to him and weed on the floor, just after he'd asked if she needed the potty. From that moment on she stopped behaving like a puppy and asked for the potty herself. So sometimes a little anger does do the trick, as do the rewards. I've been keeping Marks and Spencer in sales of Percy Pigs. She now is delighted everytime she goes to the potty, comes running into whatever room I'm in to say 'I did it Mummy I did it! A wee wee in my potty! Can I have a special treat now?'. The other day she exclaimed to her daddy 'Daddy Daddy I did a wee wee on my poo poo'. That is our favourite Matilderism to date.

The next hurdle will be the night nappy but I'm not emotionally ready for that battle just yet. Anyway I'll leave you all to your weekends but I did want to thank everyone for their advice and words of support, they really did help ease the pain!