Foodie weekends

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This weekend has been all about eating and drinking. We kicked off Friday evening with the best Pad Thai in London at the Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street.

Then yesterday we drove to Ilford for a Feijoada, see my recipe here: Lunch turned into a long, delicious affair full of conversation and fuelled by a lot of rich red wine and prosecco. The weather was fantastic allowing us to make the most of our friend and client's beautiful garden, I don't know where the day went, we didn't get home until 9.30pm! Matilda's second late night in a row and she loved it, very excited to be going at 'moonnight'.

This morning we all slept in which was a welcome change to the early rises, bacon sarnies and cups of hot strong coffee were consumed. Then it was off to the local Farmer's Market to get the ingredients for a lamb stew. Fulham Farmers Market looked quite sad today, there were hardly any stalls and what was there looked half empty. Luckily the two fruit and vegetable stalls had plenty to chose from, so I got a beautiful squash, a bright yellow round courgette, some leeks, a bunch of purple carrots and some fennel.

We then hot footed it over to our local butchers The Parsons Nose, which is a meat lovers paradise. It isn't particularly cheap but the meat is delectable. I bought half a shoulder of lamb that was kindly cut into chunks for me, a couple of wood pigeons (the husband insisted) and Matilda's favourite chippolatas. Armed with dinner we retreated home to deal with various chores and to leisurely cook. Sometimes nothing beats pottering at home and cooking with the family, reading the Sundays whilst watching Planet Earth live. Perfect family Sundays. What did you get up to this weekend?