The wonderful Betty Magazine

I go through phases of devouring Fashion magazines and then I'll move on to reading novels like there's no tomorrow instead. This is, of course, when the toddler allows me a moment to myself. At the moment I'm on a magazine trip so I put in an order for Betty Magazine. I love their blog and tweets and have always intended on ordering, but quite frankly had been put off by the price £6 plus p&p.

How wrong I was. This is no ordinary, glossy magazine full of endless adverts that I just skip past. It's thoughtful, beautifully designed with articles that I actually want to read. This isn't just a magazine, there's no advertising here just stunning imagery, whimsical articles that transport to another era, recipes that you are desperate to try at home and realistic, affordable fashion as well as the more designer.  Even the thick paper it is printed on distinguishes it from the newsagent magazines, it feels more like a book that should be lovingly displayed on a shelf, I adored handling it. I found myself reading Betty in one go cover to cover, I escaped for a couple of hours and indulged in some me time, admittedly whilst I was sat supervising the carpet fitters at a client's house. It was a blissful few moments as the sun was shining and I delved into the perfect world of Betty where life is seen through rose tinted spectacles.

My favourite article was about cycling, my husband bought me a Vintage looking Rayleigh for my birthday last year, and I'm ashamed to say I've barely ridden it, always rushing from one place to the next with toddler in tow, the car wins out. However, I've now been inspired to take to my bike and go for long rides along the river path, stopping to pick flowers and appreciate my surroundings. The vintage look and feel of the magazine suits me down to the ground, I like nothing more than sitting down with a dainty cup of Lapsang Souchong and a big slice of Victoria Sponge with my favourite book. From now on I intend to give myself that space with a book on a weekly basis until that is the next issue of Betty goes on sale!