Post Holiday blues

So we're back home after a glorious week in Cornwall. I am so crushed at being back to reality: a pile of washing, unpacking, tidying up and preparing to return to the business tomorrow that I'm only going to give you a small taster of our week whilst I go off and console myself with a cream tea.

The post holiday blues are also compounded by tiredness following a full day climbing cliffs, and then a night drive back to London. I'm missing our holiday enormously especially as Matilda had, I think, possibly the best holiday ever. She is at an age where she is really appreciating everything she sees whilst being incessantly curious about her surroundings. As some of the parents amongst you might have guessed we have just entered the 'why' phase...

So here are some of my favourite photos of the last week. Have a good rest of your Sunday and I'll be back tomorrow with tales of our Cornish adventures.