Mary Poppins

Last night I attended my two God daughters' school production of Mary Poppins. Amalia and Ava are my two special girls and I was so very proud of them. Their Mother and I have been friends since we were 6 and 7, we met at Portuguese school and have never looked back. We've never had an argument and have always been there for each other no matter what the circumstance. The girls only had small parts but in true 'it's not the part that's small but the actor that's small' they made the most of their parts and gave it all they had, making a big impression!

I found myself singing along to all the songs and actually thoroughly enjoyed myself. Despite not having West End budgets and untrained actors, the children and their teachers did remarkably well. In fact, there were a couple of them I thought had huge potential and their parents ought to be encouraging their talent!  However, the main outcome from last night was my realisation that when it gets to Matilda's turn at school productions, I know you won't be able to hold me back from getting stuck in with the direction and acting coaching. The husband has said to me that he'd be very surprised if I don't try and take over school productions when Matilda goes to school. I've always shrugged off his accusations, though secretly deep down I know he's right. And last night I found myself saying, Come On Mary Poppins give it some welly, let go, have fun and make it bigger....ooops. I just couldn't help myself, the years of studying drama then looking after actors and going to the theatre 3-5 times a week have clearly not left me. The irrestible lure of getting up and giving those poor defenceless children some direction very nearly overcame me.

Having said all that it was a most entertaining production and, I salute the dedication of all the teachers and children, as they'd worked very hard. There was even a bar serving Pimms, wine and beer, certainly wasn't like that in my day at Primary school Parents were lucky to a cup of tea and a bourbon biscuit. Though, this was Barnes don't you know, so I shouldn't be expecting anything else!