The Brazilian philosophy of life

Do you find that sometimes there are days that life just seems to come crashing down around you. Today has been one of those days, a dear friend lost their Father yesterday, another friend isn't well and, to make a bad day even worse, Matilda had one of her most spectacular tantrums ever, in the middle of the park today.

For no apparent reason, she stopped in the middle of the cycle land and refused to budge not even with the promise of a slice of chocolate cake and innocent smoothie. Having had a manic day at work and, drained by all the emotions of the day my patience was running very thin. After what seemed like an age of threats, major negotiation and bribery, I finally got her into her pram and went on my way. I'm sure that both our bad moods were all the more enhanced by the miserable weather and, seemingly endless rain we're all enduring at the moment.

Life seems so much better when it is accompanied by a ray of sunshine, it got me thinking back to our trip to Brazil last year. The people we met in Alagoas were not rich, they didn't have all the material possessions we so aspire to have in our lives. They lead a simple life. But theirs is one surrounded by family, friends, love, music, good food, sun, heat, the sea and fresh air. And, they are very happy with that thank you very much. Quite honestly, what more does one need than that?

After getting home, calming down with a cup of tea I slowly began to take stock of the last 24 hours. Sometimes life is so busy rushing here and everywhere that you forget to appreciate the constants in your life, the important people and elements that make up your world. One gets so wrapped up in being successful in order to earn more money that can buy that better education, that extra toy or the latest gadget that we forget about the quality time families should spend every once in a while, enjoying their own company and talking to each other. 

So next time you're juggling time and family. Stop, look and listen to those around you. Make time for yourself and your family. Fun times mucking about on a beach or in the park, a picnic by the river, a cycle ride in the sun, a walk in the meadow, baking on a weekend or feeding the ducks at the pond. These are the kind of memories that children hold on to for the rest of their lives. Life is too short not to indulge in taking time out to enjoy these very simple activities.