National Stationery Day

I do despair on occasion that the Toddler won't ever learn to write properly. I couldn't believe it when a friend told me on Sunday that the school her toddler son was going to attend in September, had specified having an iPad as a requirement. Surely a pen and paper would be more appropriate for a 3 and a half year old?

I know times are moving on rapidly and far quicker than a mere mortal such as I can keep up with, but really? An iPad for Nursery?

Having said that Matilda is pretty adept with our iPad, she knows where her Sesame Street and Animal apps are, she can unlock it open up the apps and off she goes. However both her Father and I both encourage and applaud the written word, the simple storybook, Matilda is thankfully besotted with her books. Her favourite is a wonderful book called 'Stuck', she actually now recites the story at bedtime, quite impressive for a two year, even if I say so myself!

So National Stationery Day struck a chord with me today, a celebration of the written word by hand amongst the craziness of the electronic mail. I do love a stationery shop or a stationery department. My all time favourite stationery department is at Liberty's, I always end up spending a fortune. Last time I went to there was to buy Thank you cards for a client (we quite often get asked to send Thank you cards after Birthdays or Christmas), I managed to while away the best part of an afternoon, browsing through the packs of cards and writing paper. Selfridges was always really good too, though the last time I went it had seemed to have decreased in size. Smythson is temple of beautiful stationery. Expensive but elegant and of high quality. Definitely one to treat yourself to for a special occasion. However, if you want a quick, cheap fix Paperchase does the trick very nicely.

I love nothing better than hearing the post fall onto the mat with a thoughtful handwritten note amongst the bills. It cheers me up that someone has taken the time to put pen to paper. So I urge you on this National Stationery Day to go out and buy some beautiful writing paper, and send a letter!