Friends Sunday

We've had a quietish weekend which has been very welcome after 2 long weekends away, and a mad working week for both the husband and I. However, today was all about cooking lunch for friends. As you know I'm a bit of a foodie, cooking paradoxically provides me with some alone, quiet time. I do like to give myself a challenge, and today it was Beef Wellington.

Having never made it I was a little concerned, but I do like to throw myself into it. I used Gordon Ramsey's recipe from the Good Food website It worked really well, it was succulent and rather delicious. As it's Jersey Royal season I made crushed garlic roasties, roasted vegetables with lashings of balsamic onion gravy. Oh it was such a treat!

We finished off with one of my favourites Leon's Lemon Pudding:;postID=139570461765561663.

A great selection of cheeses from the Barnes Farmer's Market including Stinking Bishop, a Lancashire bomb and one of my favourites Wye of Bath rounded off the lunch magnificently.

I'm now propped up on the sofa with a very full, satisfied tummy and a well deserved large glass of red wine by my side.

Hope you all had a great weekend.