Food: Eating in Brighton...

Sadly with the toddler in tow we didn't manage any of the posher restaurants for dinner. Next time.

However we did make the most of lunches! We ate the freshest simplest crab sandwiches at Linda and Jack's celebrated Smokehouse, we also opted for the anchovies and the smoked Mackerel pate for Matilda. It was so good that we returned the following day. We then tried the freshly grilled Mackerel rolls and breaded tiger prawns, We couldn't say no to the irresistible crab sandwich either. It was simple, honest grub made from the freshest ingredients.

Fishermen all their lives, Linda and Stan built their own smokehouse (below) just opposite their little cafe under the arches, about 20 years ago. It's a no frills place so don't go expect fancy food but the quality unbeatable. They were even featured on Jamie's Great Britain programme before Christmas!

For me the British Seaside is synonymous with a big 99 ice cream. As it was quite a nippy day, we chose to sit in a beautiful bubblegum coloured cafe called Cloud9. The jewel like cupcakes and huge Red Velvet cake were a feast for the eyes and, I had to fight temptation with all my might. So I settled for a rich homemade White Chocolate ice cream which I shared with Matilda, but I got serious food envy when the husband chose the heavenly Box of Chocolate and Whisky cream flavours...we'll have to go back! Everything is made fresh on a daily basis at their premises with the finest ingredients, It was set up by a couple who gave up their hectic London life to pursue their love of sweet things in a more laid back atmosphere. I wish them all the luck, it certainly feels as if everything is made with love.

Our last lunch was at Bill's Restaurant which I've written about before, once again we had a fabulous meal with impeccable service and came away feeling rather stuffed and more than satisfied. We had Burger and Chips whilst Matilda devoured her Sausage and Mash, for pudding we all shared a Lemon Cheesecake with lemon curd and blueberries - ooh the indulgence..

There is an abundance of eateries and bars in Brighton, the choice seems endless with all the usual high street suspects, as well as, the independent local cafes and restaurants which I wish we had in London!


  1. I love Brighton, well known for it's Fish (caught fresh daily) and a real up and coming market for cakes.

  2. Aww we absolutely love Brighton! Looking forward to our visit, if you have any other recommendations for cakes -they'd be much appreciated x

  3. Ahh I see you design your own!! Do you have a shop?


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