The Easter Carousel & bouncy castle

Last Saturday we were invited to lunch in pretty Marlowe. We headed off early so we could go for a nice walk along the river with Matilda, feed the ducks and enjoy the views. Plans changed when we arrived and saw the Carousel and Bouncy Castle in the little park by the river.

Matilda was fascinated by them both but showed every sign of being apprehensive, she took one long look and decided to head for safety namely the slides. Eventually, though her curiosity got the better of her, she's not one to shy away from the unfamiliar so off we went back to the Carousel. She climbed up and headed for the Fire Engine but oh no after a few minutes she was begging to come off. I felt a slight pang of disappointment as I loved fairgrounds and carousels, still do. We decided to try her on the bouncy castle instead. She quickly climbed up and loved it though she found it quite tricky to keep on her feet bless her. She had a lot of fun, giggling, desperately trying to jump but more often than not falling flat on her face! As she gathered confidence she demanded to get back on the fire engine.

And then she discovered the fun of going round and round on the carousel to the point we struggled to persuade her to get off. The photos below show her little delighted face as she rides on the fire engine (which she is a little obsessed with at the moment) and the bus! The fun was not just limited to her, we thoroughly enjoyed watching her experience this for the very first time. Witnessing her first time discoveries still provides endless fascination for us both. Seeing things through her eyes and not through our jaded 'old' eyes is so very exciting!

PS: Matilda is wearing a dress by the gorgeous Tulip and Nettle