Post card from our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Four years ago today the husband and I had our civil ceremony at the Chelsea Registry Office. We married at 12pm in a wonderfully intimate ceremony with our closest friends as Witnesses. It was  relaxed, very informal with music by Mint Royale, Regina Spektor and Style Council. We were married by an extremely camp Registrar who amazingly had also married our friends Helena and Jimmy (our witnesses), years ago! We then went for a beautiful three course lunch with Champagne at Bibendum. It was a truly special day and a great rehearsal for our big Portuguese wedding which would take place in May that year. Anyway, I'm off to have a romantic M&S ready meal dinner with the husband to reminisce about our hang overs the next day, how we had to drag our sorry asses out of bed at 3am to drive to Luton, to catch an Easyjet plane to Budapest for our mini honeymoon!

My beautiful flowers from In Water

About to sign away our lives at the Chelsea Registry Office!

Having our great Wedding lunch at Bibendum on the Fulham Road

Us and our Witnesses, our closest friends Helena, Jimmy & Rory

Our wonderful hotel in Budapest, the most exquisitely restored building and rooms at the New York Palace Hotel

 I really wanted to bring this Italian marble bathroom home with me!

The newly weds looking a little worse for wear on their first day in Budapest!

Right off I go I've just heard the Champagne go pop in the kitchen, night all.