International Women's Day

Today is all about celebrating Womenkind. Growing up I had all sorts of female heroines, both real and fictional, that I obsessed about, admired and wanted to be. Amongst them was Paloma Picasso, Helena Bonham Carter, Paula Rego, Madame Bovary, Brigitte Bardot, Joan of Arc, Marlene Dietrich, Cleopatra, Doris Day and the list goes on. Mostly fads associated with different eras or moods in my life, but the one lady who has remained a constant is Dame Judi Dench. From the moment I first saw her in a play at The National in the 1980's, to last week in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel she has remained, for me, an exceptional source of inspiration and admiration. Her immense talent, intelligence, grace and presence is awe inspiring. Her remarkable work has received many accolades including nine BAFTAS, seven Laurence Olivier Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, an Oscar, two Golden Globes and a Tony Award. She continues to delight audiences, never going out of fashion even after a career that's lasted well over 50 years. There aren't many actresses that can put claim to that. Thankfully she is showing no signs of retirement despite her valiant battle with macular degeneration. Long may she continue to entertain and educate us mere mortals.

Who's your heroine?