Happy Mother's Day

I felt like a very special Mummy today. I awoke to my little girl turning over in bed and saying 'Morning Mummy' and planting a great big slobbery kiss on my cheek (She'd been woken in the night by a terrible nightmare, so of course she could only settle cuddled up to Mummy. Mmm...). We then went down to the kitchen, to find the husband busily starting the process of creating the Heston Blumenthal Oxtail and Kidney pudding.

The kitchen was filled with flowers, a gorgeous old Vogue cover which I'd spotted at a Vintage Fair last weekend, but had resisted the purchase with all my will power. Little did I know that the husband and toddler had conspired to return to buy it. This was topped, however, by the handmade Mother's Day card that Matilda had made at playgroup this week.

We quickly showered and dressed, jumped in the car for a breakfast at my favourite place Megan's on the New Kings Road. It's a warren of rooms with a secret garden out the back, although the sun was kindly out it was just a little too chilly to sit out.

As the warm sun was beating down on us Richmond Park seemed to be calling us. We had a lovely drive around searching for the Reindeer, we finally parked up at Roehampton Gate and set off. We wandered along until we reached a group of reindeer having a nice sit down in the sun. Matilda was fascinated by them and at one point got just a little too close, for my and the reindeer's liking as he promptly got up and scarpered! We then took a walk through Isabella's plantation, a magical wooded area with it's own stream leading down to a lovely lake. Sadly it began hailing so we were forced to abandon our walk.



And now I'm just waiting for the husband's piece de resistence, Heston's Oxtail and Veal Kidney pudding. He's very sweetly been cooking on and off since 7am, it smells incredible, looking forward to digging in and washing it down with my bottle of bubbly. What a lucky Mummy I've been today.


How did you celebrate Mother's Day?