The Diamond Jubilee


Though we took the decision last year to make the most of the extended bank holiday weekend/Easter and go off to France for a week, I was a little sad not to have been part of the Royal Wedding celebrations. So this year I'm throwing myself completely into the Diamond Jubilee party! I remember the Silver Jubilee vividly, every street and house decorated with union jack flags and bunting. Everyone was out in the street celebrating. The spirit of the day enthused the whole community, despite the unrest of the time people were united for that special day. I don't suppose that kind of spirit can be replicated in this day and age, it was a different era then. Neighbours talked to each other, everyone knew everyone else on the street, but I'm hopeful it'll be a memorable day that Matilda might just about remember.

We're having a street party here in our own street and today my memorabilia purchases began with a lovely commemorative tea caddy. My mother has a tea caddy and plate from the Silver Jubilee, so I thought it'd be nice for Matilda to have something from the Diamond Jubilee that I'd bought. I definitely won't witness another Diamond Jubilee though I'm hopeful she will.

1977 street party in Fulham, taken from the Hammersmith and Fulham Chronicle website.

The caddy is all the more special for having bought it at the Windsor Farm Shop. I went to Datchett
in Berkshire to do some work for a client. Luckily she's a lovely client with a Nanny, so was more than happy for me to take Matilda along to spend the day with her children. Whenever I can I'll take Matilda with me, not often possible but when it is I grab the opportunity with both hands.

So, after I'd finished mid afternoon, we took a short drive up to the farm shop where we loaded up with lots of fabulous meats from the Royal Estate and, lovely seasonal vegetables. I couldn't resist the beautiful cream and yellow Primroses either, oops! We then had a short walk along the river, watched the ducks getting fed then it was time to try and avoid the M4 rush hour traffic. All in all despite being at work it was a most pleasurable day and I felt hugely privileged not to be sat in an office in front of a computer and phone all day long. Plus it was the beginning of my preparations for the big day, now to order the bunting and flags from a great website where you can get all things Union Jack, funnily enough called All Union Jack!

How are you planning to spend the Diamond Jubilee weekend?