Tonight's Yoga Night...

After a 5 year absence from a Yoga class, I've finally taken the plunge and booked myself on a beginners course at Triyoga Chelsea. After being a member of Triyoga Primrose Hill and the Iyengar Institute Maida Vale for a number of years, I let myself go when I met my husband. Once I'd missed one class that was it, too easy to get out of the routine. I went from 3 classes a week, plus yoga holidays and weekends to nothing. The weight has piled on after 3 pregnancies in close succession. I know it's a familiar story for many women so after having reached the milestone age of 40 last year and the sudden realisation that if I don't look after myself now, the repercussions later could be monumental, I finally took the plunge and booked a course last week. No excuse now I have to go.

I hope this will give me the push I need to not only take better care of myself, but also to give me back some me time. This has been all too lacking since having Matilda, I work from home, she's with me a lot of the time so between that, running a thriving business to attempting to run a household and be a wife it don't leave a great deal of time to indulge myself.

So off I go tonight to the new Triyoga in Chelsea which if it's anything like Primrose Hill will instantly wash away the tensions by it's peaceful environment. I'm terrified but also excited, had to dust off my old yoga mat and dig out my old clothes which I managed to squeeze into. What I love about yoga is the lifestyle that goes with it, you immediately feel aware of what you consume and you become more in tune with your body, you eat better, drink better. I had some inspirational teachers in Rosemary Da Silva, Susannah Hoffman and Simon Low who's advice has never left me despite my absence!

Anyway wish me luck and off I go with my mat!