Toddlers and haircuts

Today we took M for her very first haircut at the terribly terribly Trotters on the Northcote Road, nappy valley Battersea. I do love a wander up the Northcote Road with its cute little boutique and antique shops with its lively market stalls.

They have a nice set up at Trotters with a huge tank filled with gloriously coloured fish, which I suppose is to distract the children from having their hair cut. Not such luck with mine. I had to drag her kicking and screaming from the wooden toy car in the shoe department to the big chair, she yelled, squirmed and generally proved a huge embarrassment in the midst of all the impeccably behaved 'nice' middle class children! Ooops...

The hairdresser was very good and tried her best to alleviate Matilda's unfortunate behaviour. Eventually M calmed down and she managed to get her scissors to do their magic. At one point I thought it just wasn't going to happen, as she warned me that she wouldn't cut M's hair if she carried on her tantrum. Luckily it all ended up ok but just check out this rather miserable face not showing off her lovely little bob to it's best. Oh well, at least she's got a lovely little certificate to show for it.

So much for a girlie trip to the hairdressers, though I'm sure times will change in her teenage years when she'll want to go and get her hair done on a weekly basis!