Oh Vienna...

A conversation the other day about Vienna prompted me to go back and look at our pictures once again . It's three years since we were there for the Christmas markets at the beginning of December 2008. Actually it was the last weekend the two of us went away together without a child where I could get tipsy, for I was pregnant with Matilda 3 months later. So lots of happy memories of wandering round stopping for a glass of Gluwhein at every stall. Hanging out in the majestic Grand Cafes eating delicious cakes and drinking strong coffee, whilst reading our books. What a memorable and special weekend we had there. Unforgettable.

 If you've never been to Vienna I cannot urge you enough to buy that plane ticket and get yourself over to one of the most magical cities in the world. It is perfectly romantic yet magical enough for young children too, there really is something there for everyone. A great time to go is before Christmas for all the markets but in January the whole city turns into an Ice rink which is pretty spectacular too.

Here, I couldn't resist sharing a few of my favourite photos with you!