A walk on Hampstead Heath

Occasionally, I feel so fortunate to be a Londoner and still living in this great city and no where makes me feel more so than when I go to the Heath. As it's always a battle with traffic going from West to North we don't go there as often as I'd like, though each time I've visited our client in Highgate I always take a few minutes on the way home to take a peek at the magnificent London skyline at the breathtaking Kenwood House.

It was packed with people yesterday all making the most of the beautiful, sunny day. Families, dog walkers, artists, lone readers, joggers and couples all shared the enormous heath. We took a sarnie for Matilda which she nearly lost to Bella the dog who sniffed it out then lunged forward for it, it did shock Matilda somewhat, not helped by us falling about laughing. Needless to say she wasn't too impressed with her parents lack of moral support on this occasion.

Here are some photos I took which I hope do the Heath some justice, sadly we only covered a small section of it as Matilda started getting a little grumpy and in need of her afternoon nap. It's definitely the perfect location for a sunny day in your wellies stomping through the muddy paths trying to avoid the crowds or take a book and discover one of the many secluded benches with a view.

Chasing shadows
 With her appealing cheese sarnie

 Crowded pathways

 The sun shining down upon us reminding us of the joy of springtime

 So doesn't feel like we're in London, we could be in a village in the Cotswolds here.

Whenever I'm asked by overseas clients visiting London where they should go for a lazy morning I always recommend Hampstead Heath for a wonderful walk and Kenwood Cafe for a warming cup of tea and delicious cake. Why not head that way next weekend? Weather permitting of course!