Sometimes a girl's gotta treat herself...

Last Sunday I stole a couple of hours away from the family for myself. And, with those 2 hours I headed immediately to one of my favourite shopping streets: The King's Road. Home to the Sloane, to the Punk and all that is fashionable in London.

I kicked off in Anthropologie which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful lifestyle shops in London, with a calming water feature sending good karma through to your soul as you browse picking up the most delectable pieces that ought to be shown off in your home. They always do good sales and this year was no exception, I've always been incredibly lucky with what I've managed to find there. I'm always immediately drawn to the jewellery section, on Sunday I fell instantly in love with this necklace, it is just so 'me'. And for £19.99 it was a complete and utter bargain that was irresistible. A simple Black skirt for £18 also made it's way into my shopping basket. Even the girl at the till was impressed with my bargain hunting! Sadly that was it for my Sales shopping, think I may have been too late for the decent stuff which obviously went on Boxing Day! They don't make sales as they used to anyway, I rarely return home laden with goodies, it was always the case that everything went on sale. Not so anymore.

What sales bargains did you find this January?