The Golden Cross Inn, Cirencester

There are days that you just fancy some simple, homecooked food, nothing elaborate or complicated just good honest grub. Last week on our trip to Cirencester that's exactly what we wanted, especially being out in The Cotswolds where the ingredients are as fresh as they can be, why complicate matters? We hadn't done any research on where to eat as we thought we'd just go to our favourite pub The Swan at Southrop, but because of the monsoon like weather we set off later than anticipated, so ended up just having enough time for Cirencester. We wandered the streets in search of a good place, we went past a few restaurants and cafes that looked good including the rather attractive place Made by Bob, which was obviously the place to be seen as it was packed, but finally ended up at the Golden Cross Inn.

The street itself enticed us as it is particularly picturesque but the sign saying Locally Sourced/home made food is what did it for us. Always a sucker for locally sourced food. It was a quiet lunchtime, but I'm guessing this is a popular place in the evenings and weekends, for the food was fantastic. Hearty portions obviously made with care and love making the most of the fantastic ingredients.

I opted for the Gammon, Egg and Chips and the husband couldn't resist the Game stew with herby dumplings and Mash. Both were just what the Doctor ordered, my chips were perfectly crispy and deliciously soft on the inside, the thick Gammon tasted so fresh, the egg yolks as yellow as they come, Oh I was in heaven. The Game stew (pheasant, Venison, Partridge and Mallard) was equally divine with plenty of succulent meat, a really tasty rich sauce and perfect dumplings (by all accounts as I'm not a big fan of dumplings).

Apologies for the daughter's new My Little Pony on the table!

Love that the pudding menu is called Naughty Bits! We shared an Apple Berry and Almond Crumble and Custard which whilst being a little on the sweet side was still gorgeous.

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The Service was great too, the waitress was especially attentive and very sweet with Matilda when she began running around causing mayhem, luckily it was pretty quiet. The Chef Justin Ashley comes from a long line of Local Chefs and pub owners and is a bit of a local draw. I can understand why, he combines modern British cuisine with good old fashioned favourites with great success, by adding the odd little ingredient that is more contemporary but which compliments the traditional so well. The food was excellent, the husband was a happy as they also had real ales, there's a log fire and very friendly customers - all the reasons one needs for paying this Inn a visit.