Deen City Farm

Continuing our quest to find free family activities in London, I came across the Deen City Farm on West London Mums. The Farm is nestled amongst a rambling rather ugly, Industrial estate that also boasts Talkback Thames Studios (where The Bill was based), the delightful Merton Abbey Mills, on land belonging to the National Trust property, Morden Hall.

Although it is free entry, donations are welcome (suggested donations of £1 per person) which is more than reasonable. This goes directly helping support all their work, the youth schemes and education programmes. The farm is run by volunteers and I'm guessing is subsidised by the Riding School and cafe. I would imagine that in Spring and Summer it is a rather magical little place, with winding paths surrounded by flower beds and vegetable patches, little seating areas hiding in the bushes and, a rather magnificent house with a recycled plastic bottle roof. There is a picnic and play area as well as a cafe that serves pretty basic food, we had the cheesy chips which Matilda loved. Don't expect gourmet food or drink here but it is perfectly serviceable and aimed at the younger market which is fine.

There is plenty to see, there are cows, goats, lamas, ducks, pigs, turkeys, rabbits, a rather beautiful barn owl that I fell in love with, horses, a big variety of chickens amongst others. Matilda loved it rushing around then confidently holding out her hand to the sheep but then panicking when it came near to feed! She also loved the play area and we had quite a fight to get her to leave. We bought some cute little animals and a horse for Matilda's Christmas farm in the small shop on site. It's a great little place that deserves support from its community and beyond.