Celebrating Scottish Style...

I have a great fondness for Scotland and so wish I could be up there tonight to celebrate Robert Burns in true Scottish style. I have been a number of times to Scotland mostly through my old job to see client's in plays most notably Mr Iain Robertson (who is currently starring in Acts of Godfrey out now!). 

Edinburgh is idyllically beautiful but Glasgow I have a bit of a soft spot for. It's rough round the edges but it's exciting and alive as a city with plenty going on. Last May the husband and I travelled up to Glasgow with Matilda to attend said client's 30th Birthday. We rented a small apartment for the long weekend in Glasgow's West End which is just gorgeous full of hills, great big houses with beautiful secret alleyways and squares filled with pretty trees and flowers. We went to a couple of great restaurants including Stravaigin2 tucked away off the Byres Road where we indulged in some haggis which I love! 

Here are some images of our rather speedy day trip to Glencoe and Loch Lomond whilst nursing the most raging hang over I'd had in about 3 years!

Partying Scottish style means drinking extraordinary amounts of alcohol, having a good sing song, dance and chat, it was a great party and even Matilda stayed up til 2.30am dancing whilst joining in with the pianist. The Oran Mor, where the party took place, was still going strong when we left in the early hours. It is a rather unique venue combining great theatre, food, drink and dancing. This place is a must if you're in Glasgow

Another truly memorable trip I took was up to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre, we had a stunning drive up from Glasgow, it was in the Autumn so the golds, oranges and reds of the trees were breathtaking. We stayed in the Atholl Palace Hotel which was just amazing, I can still smell the log fires burning throughout and taste the sweet shortbread served with Tea upon arrival. After a full day of theatre (we saw 3 plays in a day) it was the perfect place to retire to, especially the Whisky bar that we made the most of!

The Scots do seem to have such great spirit when it comes to celebrating - Hogmanay, Burns Night. The combination of this and the beautiful scenery they have surrounding them is so enticing, just a shame it rains so much of the time! 

Happy Burns Night to all of Scotland!

By the way if you are in Glasgow next Monday you can catch Iain Robertson at the Guy's Restaurant & Bar 24 Candleriggs Merchant City Glasgow G1 1TD

image from robertburns.org.uk