My love affair with the Christian Louboutin shoe...

The man himself, Christian Louboutin, was on BBC News this morning divulging his wisdom. Shoemakers come and go, but he retains his crown (in my eyes) always. I first came across him in 1992 when I was wandering around Paris as an ingenue student of French taking one of my adventure walks. I walked past his brand new shop and did a double take, I fell instantly in love and in awe. Like most women I am a self confessed shoeaholic. I have countless boxes of shoes from the ballet pump to the vertiginous heel which sadly these days with a young child,  I don't get many opportunities to show off. I get a thrill from any kind of shoe whether it be a cheap converse shoe to the more expensive designer 'pump' as Louboutin called them this morning on the BBC news. Inspired, I guess, in part by Carrie Bradshaw and her closet full of clothes and shoes, I attempted with great success to emulate her obsession. Sadly now I look to comfort and warmth as I push Matilda's pram around town, where once I'd be getting a cab in ridiculous heels to the most glamorous First night or Film Premiere, I now walk to the nearest park or soft play centre.

Occasionally I ceremoniously get the heels out, I dust them off and  reminisce about the more Epicurean times in my life. It's amazing how each pair tells a story to me, of where I wore them, who I was with, whether it had been a successful night or not. Just like a perfume shoes always prompt my memory. If I saw a pair of shoes I wanted but didn't buy straightaway I'd dream about them, obsess about them, until finally I'd cave in and get myself down to the shop waving my credit card. The sense of satisfaction when I came out of the shop with the little box in my hands was just overwhelming. Better than chocolate!

Christian Louboutin has always wowed me with his vision, his theatricality and attention to the minutest detail, from the sparkles to the red sole. His shoes are not only a luxurious extravagance that every girl should experience, but a work of art that deserve their place alongside the most feted pieces in any museum. To wear them gives you the feeling of being the epitome of elegance, class and sexiness.

Louboutin is the talk of the town tonight with the release of his twentieth anniversary book and, the forthcoming exhibition of his work at the Design Museum next year. I'm dashing off now to Harvey Nichols to grab my signed copy and catch a glimpse of the man himself. See you there between 5-7pm!