Simple things in life that make you happy...

After a week of working hard, running around for clients, suffering with the worst PMT and cold, I forced myself out for a walk this morning with Matilda, since the sun was shining I just couldn't deny her the chance to be outdoors. So off we went armed with a bag of tissues for a stroll through the park and a little stop off for a fresh lemonade at the cafe followed by little run around for Matilda.

By the time I got back I was feeling quite sorry for myself, after all I should also be resting for my big night out with my close girlfriends! So imagine my joy to find these on the doorstep!

The most wonderful surprise from a dear dear friend, the very first person I met on my nervous first day at university nearly 22 years ago. Friends and flowers is what you need to cheer yourself up on a bad day. Happy Friday everyone!