A morning of culture at the V&A

My quest to instill the importance of the Arts and Culture in Matilda has begun. We took a little bus ride the other day to the V&A in South Kensington, I'm sure she probably thought, oh here goes Mummy shopping again...boring! But no, imagine her surprise and gasp when she entered through the main impressive doors 'oh wow' she shouted whilst starring wide eyed at the huge chandelier hanging majestically above us. At 21 months she already appreciates a bit of bling!

I'm a great believer that education not only should be given in schools but at home too. Parents, I feel, have a responsibility to encourage, support and educate their own children. These days we can't simply rely on the school system to do all the work, furthermore it's a lot of fun watching children absorbing and storing knowledge then applying it (at sometimes very inappropriate moments). Matilda thrives on being out and about watching people, striking up conversations with other children, running around. The V&A is the perfect place to be visually stimulated, the theatre section was a big hit and so to was the sparkling twinkly Jewellery. She clearly adored the gleaming gold Buddhas too, it's wonderful to see her so fascinated and engaged with her surroundings. There will be a lot more visits to museums after this, next stop Science Museum.

The impressive chandelier in the Main Hall.

Here's the toddler enjoying herself in the gardens, she soon ran straight into the fountain and got drenched.

And here she is, brand new shoes soaked...

Families playing, students reading, couples relaxing

These were Matilda's favourite tiaras.

The sweet theatre section which had a great installation illustrating the acting systems of the Grandfathers of theatre Artaud, Stanislavski, Brecht and Growtovski. How the same scene is interpreted and represented by each method on film. We enjoyed it immensely.

So if you fancy a fun filled cultural afternoon pop into the V&A, catch an exhibition, pick up a rucksack filled with activities and jigsaw puzzles, have a bite to eat at the gorgeous looking cafe and enjoy being a part of your children's educational development.


  1. You are so lucky to have such brilliant museums nearby !

  2. Thank you, we certainly are! Trying to appreciate them too!


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