My favourite Handbags...

Anyone that knows me knows what a sucker I am for a nice handbag, it doesn't have to be expensive or leather or vintage, it just needs to catch my eye and make me want to wear it.

From clutches to oversized bags to the baby bag I've finally put away after 18 months of everyday use I love them all! I do dream of one day owning the Goddess of all - the black shiny Chanel shoulder bag with those delectable gold chains brushing against my arm. In the meantime a classic leather Mulberry bag in a dark shade of brown would also do very nicely. Having said that I adore all my handbags, all 60 of them, I did do a bit of a clear out a few months ago. A hand bag not only completes an outfit but it is a statement about who you are at any given moment or circumstance in your life . I tend to have a favourite which I'll use to death everyday, then I'll decide to go through the hand bag boxes and I'll spot one I've had for over 10 years that I'd forgotten about. That delicious find makes me as excited as I was when I first bought it. Just like when I came across this quirky converse bag the husband gave me a few years back.

My most treasured bag is my little black Gucci evening bag that my Mother gave me at the end of my first year at University, to wear to the end of year Balls. I remember getting on the bus to Harrods to pick it out with her, butterflies in my tummy as we approached the Luxury Leather Goods department. It is a beautifully simple bag that still looks brand new to this day - a testament to how well made it is. It's seen me through 20 years of special occasions and I have no doubt it'll continue to do so for another 20 and then for my daughter after that. And here it is in all its glory a what I suppose now is called Vintage Gucci!

I also love this Classic red Tods bag that I've had for years, again it's been through the mill but still the leather looks brand new and is in immaculate condition. It's seen me through many first nights where I was dashing from the office so needed a smart but big enough bag to take to work too.

The darling husband bought me this Lulu Guinness purse the Christmas our daughter was born again still in the most amazing condition despite the fact that it lives with a selection of half eaten carrot sticks, nappies, wipes, bottles of water all at the bottom of my handbag. I'm a huge fan of her accessories, always with a well thought out unique quriky touch, I've just bought one of her necklaces, the lipstick/lips one - love it! More about my passion for Lulu Guinness in another blog.

Recently our company roomtobreathe has been working with an accessories/jewellery online shopping heaven,, my dream client! Not only is the owner, Andrea, a gorgeous lady but she has the most admirable taste. The website is a treasure trove for the girliest girl, designed to appeal to all our female senses. Not only are the products sourced personally by Andrea they are also uniquely handcrafted by some of the most interesting designers around.  She sent me over a jpeg of her latest products by Miss Budd, I let out a child like gasp when I opened it - the most exquisite delicately designed clutch bag, take a peek below and fall in love. And guess what it will also belong to me in September when they arrive at Kitty Dolittle, I will not resist temptation!