A hopeful Londoner...

This morning it was a relief to turn on Cbeebies, the images of our London on fire with people's homes and businesses that have taken years to build, being mindlessly destroyed has left me speechless. One can find a million and one reasons for the destruction that has been taking place for the last 3 days, but actually what we need to do now is learn from this and move on to restore our beautiful city, both physically and psychologically.

The tenacity and spirit of the people was demonstrated today when whole communities across London and the other cities affected came together to help clean up, over 600 people just in Clapham. Working and pulling together in the face of trouble is what makes us who we are. In our busy, hectic lives we do forget our neighbours, community spirit isn't so easy to uphold in the big metropolis, but now when it's been most needed people have come together to help the victims and to restore faith to the rest of us. We need to focus on the good that needs to come out of such devastation. Keep safe everyone and I just hope this madness comes to an end quickly and peacefully.

Clean-up volunteers wave brooms at Clapham Junction