Friday cooking...

When it's this hot one doesn't really feel like spending hours slaving over a hot stove, when it's this hot and with no aircon one doesn't feel like working either,, so today I signed off at 4pm to sit in the garden with some of my favourite reading material Olive Magazine and the Good Food Magazine, whilst Matilda entertained herself in her sandpit.

Whilst flicking through I came across a delicious looking recipe for Butternut Squash and Halloumi Frittata, both of which I had in. A perfect Summer supper. So out with the humous and cucumber dinner I had envisaged for Matilda and I and in with the frittata! The husband is out at Somerset House watching movies tonight.

I love frittatas, they're easy, quick and always delicious. This really did only take 10 minutes of preparation time especially with my brand new Pampered Chef Knife, which made very light work of chopping up the squash. I also do Pampered Chef parties on occasion, as a bit of a hobby as I adore cooking, cookery books and am slightly obsessed with any kind of cooking equipment.

So all you do is chop up 500g of butternut squash into cubes, cut one pack of halloumi into thin slices then heat up some olive oil in a frying pan and fry the halloumi until it's lovely and golden, remove the halloumi put some more oil in and chuck in the butternut squash and fry until soft. Add  a handful of mint, I've got tons of it growing in the garden, it's a bit of menace as it takes over the place but it does make such a difference to certain foods, it's a real Summer herb for me, reminds me of my family's home in Portugal. Influenced by it's Moorish heritage Portuguese cooking is full of coriander and mint, so having it in the garden reminds me of my Mum's cooking. She wouldn't dream of making a salad without either of those herbs. Anyway on with the recipe!

Pour a couple of tablespoons of balsamic vinegar over the squash and let it all bubble for a couple of minutes then lie the halloumi over it and pour over the 6 beaten eggs. No need to add salt as the halloumi is salty enough. Let the mixture cook on the stove for about 5 mins so the base is set, then put under a hot grill to finish cooking until it's a golden colour and crispy. Serve it warm or cold with a crunchy green salad, I added yellow peppers, cucumber and beetroot with a balsamic dressing to enhance the balsamic in the frittata.

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Yum - I'm off to have dinner now! Happy Cooking!