Sick toddler makes you realise...

When you're so used to your little girl being an energetic, sunny, happy girl it is quite a shock when she is lifeless and miserable. For the last two days Matilda has not been herself, we're still not sure what it was, though a trip to a playgroup is probably what caused it. Bugs and viruses are passed around the children like wildfire, so what does one do? Keep them away from danger or let them live their life?

I say let them live their life, I don't believe in overprotecting and keeping toddlers away too much from places where they could catch a cold. It was hard to leave her yesterday when I went off to spend the afternoon interviewing actors, and it was even harder when I got home and she was lying lifeless on the sofa. I felt guilt for leaving her, something so many mothers who work in an office full time have to go through each day. My heart goes out to them. I am happy we made the choice for me to work from home, not only do I get to spend precious time watching my child grow and learn but I'm also there when she needs me most. Financial sacrifices have had to be made but it's interesting how quickly you learn to adapt and cut the worth it though!