Hope you've now found peace Amy

I think for a lot of us, it was quite a relief to work today so we could focus on other things after all this weekend's sadness. Oslo was an unimaginable tragedy and Amy Winehouse is a huge loss to us all and to our children who will miss out on hearing her live.

Her tragic life is quite close to my heart, in my career as an Agent I saw a number of young people succumb to drugs and alcohol. For some fame was too much to bear so they sought an escape, for others their entourage encouraged them. It's funny how 'celebrities' suddenly make a lot of new friends, mostly these 'friends' are only there to drain their money. I saw it time and time again and it saddened me that in my position as an agent there was only so much I could do to help. I often worked closely with their families doing all I do to support them. There is only so much one can do as Agent except work with their families, cover for them with employers, reassure everyone they will be ok, but most of the time you know that won't be the case. You can only hope they can get away from the dealers, the hangers on, the tabloids and their so called 'friends' to give them a fighting chance. A lot of the time you feel like you're fighting a losing battle. Those in the music industry are particularly under pressure to perform and go on, too many people rely on performers like Amy to earn money, we always tried to shield our actors from the public eye, preferring them to go seek help away from the evil eye of the tabloid and the public, to give them a fighting chance.

The loss of the enormously talented and unique Amy has hit us all very hard, we lost her far too early but she will be remembered forever for THE voice. The last time I saw her sing live was when I was in the audience at a recording of Strictly Come Dancing, she sang with her God daughter Dionne, she came across as a true professional and boy you couldn't hear a pin drop when she started to sing. 

Take a look at her performance at the Mercury Prize Ceremony where her talent shines through and which quite honestly made me cry, let's remember her like this.