An Afternoon down Memory Lane...

Yesterday I spent the afternoon interviewing actors. I’m acting as a Consultant to a brand new, about to launch Theatrical Agency, Notting Hill Management.  As you may have read in my very first post a couple of days ago, I spent 14 years as an Agent. Sometimes I do miss the buzz you get from a young graduate Actor getting their first job, or the more experienced actor getting THE Job. What I loved most was the finding of talent, developing it and seeing it through, I got just as much of a thrill about good news as the actor did.

The actors were like my own children. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried and got angry on their behalf. It was draining on the mind at times, and I often ‘took the work home with me’ so now I’ve got the best of both worlds, being involved in the finding of clients, helping to launch their careers providing help and guidance, but none of the daily stress and ridiculously long hours that accompanies that. It’s often forgotten, I think, how much agents do for their clients when you believe implicitly in someone, it becomes just as crucial for you, as it does for them to succeed. It’s nice to get that recognition from a client too, a little thank you goes a long way, I’ll always remember Cate Blanchett and more recently Lauren Socha thanking her agent in their award acceptance speeches. Which brings me to say that I think there should be a BAFTA for Best Agent - there you go I may have just started something!